Bed Bugs Cleaning Services in NYC

Bed Bug 911™ is a bed bug extermination company that specializes in bed bug prep and bed bugs cleaning. We are a New York City and New York State Certified Women-owned Business Enterprise. 

The BedBug911 bed bug treatment is the best in NYC. We understand that facing a bed bug infestation can be overwhelming. That is why we offer a comprehensive solution for bed bug treatment. Our professional bed bug exterminators can handle any bed bug infestation quickly and efficiently.

Meet Jack, Our Bed Bug Inspection Dog!

Our 3-Step Process For Bed Bug Extermination

BedBug911’s innovative 3 Step bed bug cleaning process makes it simple to get rid of bed bugs and keep them from coming back to infest you again. We provide bed bug treatment services that other professional bed bug exterminators simply do not offer, making us the best choice for bed bug treatment.


Step 1 Bed Bug Prep: Many bed bug exterminators require that the bed bug prep be completed by the client prior to service. We include bed bug prep in our bed bug treatment, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Step 2 Bed Bug Extermination: We combine bed bug cleaning with bed bug sprays to make sure we get rid of bed bugs for good. BedBug911 even provides a bed bug laundy service to provide bed bug treatment for more delicate items away from the infested property.


Step 3 Prevention: Our professional bed bug exterminators always follow up with a bed bug inspection to help prevent repeat infestation in the future. We use a bed bug dog during visual checks to help sniff out traces of bed bug infestations not visible by the naked eye.

Bed Bug Treatment Services

BedBug911 has over two decades of experience as a professional bed bug exterminator. Because of this, we have developed the most comprehensive bed bug solution there is. We customize our bed bug treatments to suit your individual needs. BedBug911 provides a fully inclusive bed bug extermination service that combines bed bug prep and bed bug cleaning to get rid of bed bugs fast. Let us help you get rid of bed bugs, and restore your home from infestation!

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