ABOUT Bed Bug Cleaning

BedBug911 is a professional bed bug extermination company in NYC. We have over 20 years of experience providing bed bug treatment and bed bug extermination services to New York. Our bed bug treatment methods are top-notch, giving our clients nothing but the very best in professional bed bug extermination services.

What makes our bed bug treatment different:

We have developed our bed bug treatment over more than two decades of real world experience. Because of this, we offer one of the most fully comprehensive solutions for bed bug treatment that there is. The BedBug911 bed bug exterminators are trained to do much more than what the average bed bug extermination company is willing to provide.

Bed Bug Prep Services:

Our bed bug prep services make BedBug911 stand out from the crowd. Most bed bug exterminators will refuse to perform a bed bug treatment on a property until the bed bug prep has been completed. This can heavily delay the bed bug treatment, and cause the infestation to get worse.

BedBug911 combines bed bug prep services with bed bug extermination, to provide our clients with an all-inclusive bed bug treatment. Our bed bug prep includes such services as bed bug laundry, and bed bug inspection with a bed bug dog.


Best Bed Bug Treatment:

By incorporating bed bug prep, bed bug laundry, and a bed bug dog into our bed bug extermination service, BedBug911 is able to offer the best bed bug treatment available to our clients. We offer custom-tailored solutions for bed bug extermination that are personalized to our clients needs. Our services are always flexible, and available at the drop of a hat. Get the best bed bug treatment from BedBug911 and sleep soundly at night once again!


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