Bed Bug Prep Services


 The BedBug911 bed bug prep services set us apart from other bed bug exterminators. Preparing for bed bug treatment is vital to a successful extermination, and it takes a lot of attention to detail to get it done right. Most bed bug extermination companies require that the client do all of the bed bug preparation before the extermination begins. We believe that bed bug prep and bed bug extermination should be an all-in-one service.

Preparing for bed bug treatment:

Preparation for bed bug extermination ensures that the bed bugs cannot escape the bed bug treatment. The BedBug911 bed bug preparation process is a highly detailed services that accounts for all aspects of preparing for bed bug treatment. In preparation for bed bug extermination, our team of bed bug prep specialists will declutter the entire property, steam clean furniture and upholstery, and even assist with bed bug laundry.

Bed Bug Prep Services:

Bed bug prep helps to increase the success rate of a bed bug treatment, while lowering the risk of a repeat bed bug infestation. BedBug911 is one of very few bed bug exterminators that includes preparing for bed bug treatment as a part of our professional bed bug extermination. Our bed bug prep services even eradicate a portion of the bed bug infestation before treatment is applied.



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