The BegBug911 bed bug extermination services are the best in NYC. We are a one-stop-shop bed bug exterminator. Our services are designed to provide a solution for any need, regardless of the level of bed bug infestation. BedBug911 offers a flexible and comprehensive solution for bed bugs, that most bed bug extermination companies cannot.


Bed Bug Dog:

A BedBug911 bed bug exterminator will always use a bed bug dog along with a visual check, to help identify microscopic traces of infestation during a bed bug inspection. Bed bug nymphs and bed bug eggs are invisible to the naked eye, but a bed bug dog can help sniff out their presence, and help our bed bug exterminator develop a plan that is custom-tailored to your specific needs.


Bed Bug Prep: 

Preparing for bed bug extermination can be a tough job. Leave it to the professionals at BedBug911 to give you the best bed bug prep possible, so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Our bed bug prep services include a full decluttering of the home, and other methods of preparing for bed bug exterminations.


Bed Bugs Cleaning:

Bed Bugs cleaning is a great way to get rid of bed bugs naturally. By doing a bed bugs cleaning while preparing for bed bug extermination, you can eliminate many bed bugs from the property. We use a bed bug steamer and an industrial HEPA vacuum for our bed bugs cleaning, to eradicate bed bugs without bed bug spray. 

Bed Bug Laundry:

Our bed bug laundry services are the perfect way to treat delicate washable items for bed bugs, away from the property receiving bed bug extermination. We will pack up, sort, and launder your items, and return them to you folded and bedbug-free. 

Bed Bug Extermination:

We use a non-toxic bed bug spray for bed bug extermination, to keep you and your family safe while we help you get rid of bed bugs. Our bed bug extermination service is an all inclusive bed bug treatment, that can quickly and safely eradicate bed bugs from the home.

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